March 6, 2008

Up in '08: Nayo

Nayo (pronounced Nigh-o) is a new singer from London. The Times Online is offering up four - yes, four - MP3s. People keep calling her the next Sade because 1) her tunes are smooth and elegant and 2) she is part Nigerian. That comparison is a little kneejerk - it's easy because she is African. The odd thing about her is that, in certain moments, she sounds like she could easily sing Carrie Underwood's songs. Can anyone else hear that? She is a wee bit "poised" in her vocals, but I like what I've heard so far.

Nayo's 11-track album, called African Girl is due on March 10. I highly recommend the lovely title track, one of the free downloads at The Times. It's one in a long line of "dump your girl for me, baby" songs. Her myspace calls the music "ambient soul"... how long till the poor girl is musically molested by Sting?

If you're a fan of Skye Edwards, Zero 7, etc, you will like Nayo. In fact, like Skye, Nayo has Madonna-cohort Patrick Leonard behind her.


KulPop said...

Thanks for the tip, African Girl is a great track.


Phil said...

S'lovely! African Girl is a very strong track although the others are a bit meandering 'jazz' for me...