March 17, 2008

Think I want you still

Yes, it is old now, but I'm just splashin' this up here because I love the photograph. Alison recently talked about getting inspiration from the movie Picnic At Hanging Rock - watch the trailer. I still think A&E is the best song for '08 thus far. Meanwhile, the new single is Happiness (see its cover here) - if you have not caught the hilarious Rex The Dog Remix video, do it now at PopJustice. The story is this: these guys did a decent remix of Happiness, which got rejected, so they took it on Alison and Will via puppet violence!

The upcoming single has these remixes (but no new songs): Road To Somewhere (Acoustic Version), Happiness (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-animation), Monster Love (Goldfrapp vs. Spiritualized) and Eat Yourself (Yeasayer Remix).

Goldfrapp will - in usual fashion - do 3 dates next month in the US. Check out the band doing a beautiful version of A&E at Union Chapel in Islington on March 4:

thanks dcbaxter


El MarvelOso said...

great choice for a single!

Joseph said...

No b-sudes. *grumble, grumble*

Joseph said...

Also, the Rex the Dog video was pretty brilliant. I liked the remix too. said...

I really love A&E, I just need to get into the rest of the record.