March 9, 2008

Mixtape: The crack of my...

Sleep continues to elude me and the time change has not helped, though now maybe I'll be wide awake at the oh-so-palatable 4:30 AM versus 3:30...

That's Patrick Wolf above with Peaches Geldof at a recent NME event. His taste in lady friends also includes the esteemed Kelly Osbourne. Oy. He's young! Meanwhile Peaches seems determined to follow in her mother's footsteps as a rock star "band aid." And yes, his ass is poking out of his pants. I wear the same look on the days I work at the Reference Desk. Hot or not?

I love that Martha Wainwright has named her new CD I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too. It's out June 10, features lots of old male rock star guests and has a cover of Love Is A Stranger (Eurythmics). I am temporarily off Rufus, by the way. Just need a year away from his ginormous ego.

The long-missing Maxwell has a snippet of a decent ballad called Pretty Wings on his myspace. I guess he's still signed to Sony? He needs to revise his plan to release three albums in three years and just try for one.

Truly missing in action: Courtney Love (her CD is the new Chinese Democracy) and Lorraine (promises, promises boys, you never tell the fans anything except "album coming!" - in what, 2010?).

The Divine Comedy is headlining a festival in late Spring but I don't think they have a new CD yet?

Speaking of older male muscians, my God! Billy Bragg has lost his English accent. His new album is like American alt/folk. Someone's been playing too much with Wilco. Maybe his recent collabs with Kate Nash will bring it back? The album also completely erases the ebulient English pop that was threaded through his arrangements.

Tracey Thorn is far enough into recording her new album that she knows "we won't be heading for the dancefloor on this one." She's in her "Berlin period," having recorded there recently with Ewan Pearson (good news). They're using lots of "guitar and piano and organ so far." Tracey also says she loves the Hot Chip record and that she has no clue whether music killer Guy Hands has dumped her from EMI. EDIT: Read more at Worrapalova - he and I had the same idea on this!

Did you see that "Björk... hurt the feelings of the Chinese people"? What bullshit. She shouted "Tibet! Tibet!" before a song, but I don't even believe that will affect other artists performing there. At least for 2008, China is trying to play nice because so much attention has been placed on them for the Olympics. By the way, last I read, the Chinese cannot use or read anything at Not sure if this is always true or only at moments.

Martina Topley Bird, who used to sing with Tricky in the 90's, has a new album called The Blue God that she calles "futuristic pop noir." The free track on her site is weak, in my humble opinion. See more here.

I hope everyone caught the insanely amusing Leona drama on Chartrigger? Mariah's Lambs have clearly moved over to Leona. That's all I am sayin' here! I did make some comments, among the 50+, over there...

The details on the current state of Annie Lennox's relationship with SonyBMG are covered in the Times. Quote: "'It’s all turned around now. They’ve got right behind it.' It was actually the company’s idea, she explains, to make the rereleased “hard copy” of the single. " Sing is finally out this week. By the way, did you know that AIDS can be transmitted via breast milk? I did not know that - in fact, it seems counterintuitive to what I know about AIDS.

Finally, thank God, Paul is back from Vegas.


Paul said...

sweet donny osmond! I had no idea the drama D'Luvverlee had created with Leona! Gracious! Hilarious though :) And yes i'm back and exhausted so living on Tylenol PM. That's gotta be good for me right? And so sorry to hear of your insomnia. Maybe listening to Leona's album will help with that?

D'luv said...

I'll put a boot up any Leonaphile's ass.

When is that Courtney trash coming out? Jesus, it's been four years since her last one!

I played Celebrity Skin (the whole album) three times this weekend!

Doron said...

SO excited about Martha!

Also, the new Martina Topley Bird single, CARNIES, is excellent. The video is a bit lame but the song is v good nevertheless.

Adem With An E said...

Courtney's stuff really IS the new GNR isn't it? I wish she'd hurry up, I had a very in depth conversation about Courtney over the weekend and it just reinvigorated my love for her music, except I've been hacking into Live Through This rather than Celebrity Skin this weekend.

It's clichéd, I know, but Malibu is SO my driving-on-a-Summers-night kind of song.