March 5, 2008

Heartache to heartache she stands

Janet Jackson's new video, Rock With U, is out and it's a mess. This is a shame, because this is the best single she's had in years. But this clip? The costumes alone were vomited up from that old Pat Benatar video where the hookers rebel against their pimp. Right

I appreciate the level of dancing going on here: the video has some good moves and a casual vibe, but it's just a visual mishmash. Actually, Rock With U has some amusing details: Janet features hideous bi-level hair and she is wearing some noxious flats. In this guise, she strangely reminds me of Stevie Nicks in her Oxycontin phase. Not really sure why. And WHO is Janet imitating at 2:57 when she walks out of the room messing with her hair? Is it Tina Turner?

There is a move busted by Janet that I want you to look out for at 2:16 that is verrrry 80's, like a move Madonna would've done back in the day. And in the Misheard Lyrics Department, I still think I hear "Straw birds make everything sexier"! [Note: it's strobelights]. 

Close your eyes and play the music...


El MarvelOso said...

is this a single? There are stronger songs on the album that this one. And these new videos... I guess they ran out of ideas.

Salvador Ali said...

I actually really like the choreography. It's a relief to see a video where the dancers actually appear to be enjoying the song! I think the song and dancing sells it .. (Janet and the ugly costumes, not so much)

DanProject76 said...

That Janet hair is a badly-dyed 1990s X-Men Storm wig. It's uncannily similar. Hmmm...

Needs more strobelights to make everything sexier, I think.

At least it's one of the few good songs off the album.

Adem With An E said...

I do like the choreography. I just don't know if it works with the song!

I love in that Benatar clip when she just - out of nowhere - starts dancing with the rent-a-whores. On the DVD commentary of her greatest hits she says something along the lines of it being the first and last time she would ever do a dance routine in a video clip.

Another misheard lyric: "I wanna rock with you..... lesbians."

Apparently she says "let's converse." My version is better.