March 23, 2008

Blondfire: You know you own the room

For fans of Saint Etienne, Dean & Britta and The Rosebuds, Blondfire's debut single Pretty Young Girls is a "beguiling" mix of UK influenced indie pop and catchy sweetness. From a Brazilian/American brother/sister duo, it's so new there is not yet a video. I urge you to check the tune out on Blondfire's myspace.

You can purchase Pretty Young Girls now on iTunes US and UK.


El MarvelOso said...

I have their EP when they by the name "Astaire". Very catchy! Saw them in concert too (they opened up for Ivy, who helped them with their EP). Met them afterwards. Very nice.

Can't wait to hear their new stuff!

Daft Monk said...

"L-l-love" is was of the best itunes freebies ever and now I know why I never saw a full length from them. Thanks for posting it.

lucas miré said...

Love them! Glad to hear they have something new finally...!

Brooke said...

I was wondering where they disappeared to after their name change. Glad to hear an album is in the works.

Jason in PDX said...

The new album, 'My Someday' from Blondfire (or Astaire as I still fondly think of them) is now available to purchase at CD Baby! You can hear generous samples of each song here:

Please help support this band!! Incidentally, when you buy from CD Baby, anywhere from $6-$12 goes directly to the band (unlike the usual 1 or 2 dollars they would get from a normal distribution deal). Blondfire is trying to do this on their own so if you like what you hear, I whole-heartedly encourage you to buy the CD :)