March 28, 2008

2008: Q1

In no particular order, my Top Songs for the first quarter of 2008. A few rules: These tunes do not have to be singles, but I allow only one song by each artist (or else it would have been dominated by Goldfrapp!) and songs must be officially released. The colored link will take you to a place you can hear/see the song.

Sam Sparro
Black And Gold video
The Gadsdens The Sailor Song* myspace
Temposhark Not That Big (with Imogen Heap) myspace
Goldfrapp A&E video
Sia Day Too Soon video
Missy Higgins Where I Stood video
Supergrass When I Needed You myspace
Adele Hometown Glory video
Janet Jackson Rock With U video
The Feeling Without You video
Duffy Stepping Stone video
Nayo African Girl myspace
Delays Hooray video
Madonna 4 Minutes myspace
China Forbes '78 myspace
Carly Smithson (AI) Blackbird video
Deepest Blue Miracle myspace
Tigercity Powerstripe myspace

What are your favorites?

Song from last year I keep going back to:
Kylie's All I See
Worthy albums thus far: Goldfrapp, Sia, Adele, Missy Higgins, Duffy

What's coming: Madonna, Antigone Foster, Sam Sparro, The Gadsdens (late '08?), The Kooks, Martha Wainwright, Annie,

* Not officially released, but the band leaked it.

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Myfizzypop said...

i wrote you a whole massive email about moving and my bloody computer ate it! I will attempt it again later. Stupid technology.

Anyway SO glad to see The Feeling Without You in your fave songs of the year so far... Um, obviously i am loving 4 Minutes, and at the moment my fave Duffy moment is Warwick Avenue. David Jordan Sun Goes Down was an ace tune and i remain addicted to The Last Shadow Puppets. I may have to give this more thought... said...

Ooh! Some good picks there!!! I didn't know Missy Higgins' CD came in 08... I am glad it did then, because it will probably make my year end list!

D'luv said...

1. Heidi Montag, "Higher"
2. Heidi Montag, "Higher"
3. Heidi Montag, "Higher"
4. Heidi Montag, "Higher"
5. Heidi Montag, "Higher"
6. Heidi Montag, "Higher"
7. Heidi Montag, "Higher"
8. Heidi Montag, "Higher"
9. Heidi Montag, "No More"
10. Heidi Montag, "Higher"

Anonymous said...

I get confused sometimes as to what was released late last year and what is released early this year (I thought 'X' was this year, non?), but here that have rocked my box so far in 2008:

Sam Sparro - Black & Gold (Al Usher remix)
Kylie - Cherry Bomb
Blind - Hercules & Love Affair
Metro Area - Read My Mind
Starcluster feat. Marc Almond - Smoke & Mirrors
Goldfrapp - Little Bird
Janet - Rock With U
Madonna - 4 Minutes
Moby - Disco Lies
Sia - The Girl You Lost To Cocaine of others I can't remember now!

Cheers, Terry. x

Phil said...

Amazing what you discover chezXO. I didn't know abou the Starcluster/Marc Almond track. It's GREAT! And the Metro Area track is fab too.

My list has a who's who of firework bands (hopefully not) this year:
The Whip - Sirens & Dubsex
Tigercity - Powerstripe
The Slips - This Time is Not Your Own
Pacific! - Hot Lips
Hercules & LA - Blind
Guillemots - Get Over It
Cobra Dukes - Airtight

And of course, Sam Sparro, Adele and I have a real thing for Better in Time by Leona "I'm amazed, reaaly amazed, last year etc" Lewis.

Anonymous said...

We Are Scientists - "After Hours"
The Kooks - "Always Where I Need To Be"
Alphabeat - "Fascination"
Gnarls Barkley - "Blind Mary"
Bon Iver - "Skinny Love"
MIA - "Paper Planes"
Neon Neon - "I Lust U"
MGMT - "Electric Feel"
Vampire Weekend - "A-Punk"
Hot Chip - "Ready For The Floor"
Sebastien Tellier - "Divine"

Soon to be joined by Annie's new one!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention (album-wise) that the fore-runners so far this year are MGMT's "Oracular Spectacular" and Cut Copy's "In Ghost Colours". Getting a lot of airplay here lately!

Duffy's and Adele's albums are a bit patchy for me (and I feel too 'old' to be liking them, for some reason!).

Glad you liked the Starcluster track, Phil! Metro Area put a lot of peeps off by adding vocals on their newie, but I love it.

Terry. x

PS I really need to get a blogger i.d., don't I?

countpopula said...

This is really hard. I feel that there have been a few great albums released as of now, but many more songs from albums that have yet to be released. That being said...

Hercules & Love Affair-Blind
Hot Chip-Ready for the Floor
Presets-This Boy's in Love
Gnarls Barkley-Who's Gonna Save my Soul
Last Shadow Puppets-Age of the Understatement
REM-Supernatural Superserious
Kylie-Carried Away
Kleerup feat. Titiyo-Longing for Lullabies

Maybe I would like Sam Sparro more if I had never seen that cheezy early video he did. I liked the Sia initially, but got a bit bored. I must check out that Starcluster track--thanks for the tips!

midnight lounge said...

Because of you, I'm slowly getting Sam Sparro more and more. A&E I just can't shake. And to think I didn't instantly respond to it...

Anonymous said...

Goldfrapp - Clowns
Beach House - Gila
Hercules & Love Affair - Raise Me Up
The Gadsdens - The Sailor Song
Cat Power - Blue
Duffy - Stepping Stone
Sam Sparro - Black And Gold
Xiu Xiu - Gayle Lynn
Magnetic Fields - Zombie Boy
R.E.M. - Supernatural Superserious
Neon Neon - I Lust You
Destroyer - Foam Hands
Tindersticks - Intro
Adele - Hometown Glory
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Today's Lesson
Glasvegas - Daddy's Gone
Cut Copy - Feel the Love
Gnarls Barkley - Surprise
Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes
El Perro del Mar - From The Valley To The Stars
Biker Boy - January Song

xolondon said...

I have a lot of work to do catching up on these various songs!

Salvador Ali said...

Cut Copy - Lights and Music
Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor
Hot Chip - Hold On
Janet Jackson - Rock With U
The Count, Sinden & Kid Sister - Beeper
Vampire Weekend - M79
Sally Shapiro - Skating in the Moonshine

and last minute addition .. Beyonce - Beautiful Nightmare

Daft Monk said...

Goldfrapp- A&E
Hot Chip- Ready For The Floor
Cut Copy- Lights & Music
The Black Ghosts- Any Way You Choose To Give It