February 8, 2008

You got me begging you for mercy

Duffy has finally launched her website. There is a player where you can hear snippets of Serious, Rockferry, Mercy (you know those last two), Distant Dreamer (wow!), and Warwick Avenue.

While everyone crows about how great Duffy is, please also refer to Lucky Soul's stunning 2007 CD The Great Unwanted.


DanProject76 said...

The Great Unwanted is like the prototype for the Duffy project. Still playing it, it won't let me file it away with the other CDs that have taken over my house.

duanemoody.com said...

I am still trying to get into her, she didn't blow me away instantly. I also need to listen to Lucky Soul more; I have it on my ipod because of your suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Beggin' for Mercy? You are #1 in the UK charts now !