February 13, 2008

XOvision: Lykke versus Robyn

I'm Good, I'm Gone is 21-year-old Lykke Li's new single and this is a live performance of the song. The studio version is superior. I like her music, but it all sounds just like Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn & John (her producers). I love the name of her album, Youth Novels, and I'll be amazed if anyone can actually buy a copy.

Amusingly, if you try to figure out how to pronounce her name, you'll find these options on the web:

Lohkke Lee
Lu-key Loo
Luke-ee Loo

and my favorite:

Licky Lee

Any Swedes care to confirm?


Zeon said...

I thought I was the only one who thought it's pronounced 'Licky Lee'! Most bloggers seem to suggest it as Like Lee though.

I love the final part when she disappeared to the corner with the tape recorder. Weird cheery.

Nick said...

I heard a Swede pronounce it licky lee on a radio show (Nordic Rox on Sirius) so I'm pretty sure that's it.

Myfizzypop said...

I really like the fact that it's probably pronounced Lickey Lee. Genius. Strangely i quite like her and Isabel Guzman, but not Robyn? What's that about? Be Mine is nice though isn't it, if only she'd take off that bloody neck scarf...

Poster Girl said...

I bought a copy! But I imagine I don't count since I think I'm about two steps away from buying Swedish CDs at an exponentially growing rate.

Anyway, I've been looking forward to getting an idea of your feelings about the whole album. Not because it's the best thing ever or because it's bad--it's almost like I needed some concept to hang my own ideas on before they would consolidate...or more like I needed to hear the start of dialogue from someone.

I was wandering around with the backing chant from "Breaking It Up" stuck in my head for days. Love the intro track as well.

xolondon said...

Poster Girl! Well, my intitial thought on the full-length record is that it's a mixed bag. It's a bit slow and indie at moments, but I too think Breaking It Up is a highlight. I am trying to grab onto other songs and not necessarily feeling them. She lacks Robyn's vocal/"interpretive" skills though. The Stereogum crowd will eat her up b/c she has indie cred, though it took that group an extra year to love Young Folks.

DanProject76 said...

How spooky. This was on my blog yesterday! Love that live version.

It's a very good album, nice variety of stuyles, but I cannot buy it too! Bugger.

duanemoody.com said...

I want to move to Sweden. Officially.