February 27, 2008

Like pebbles on a beach

Grizzled rockpop daddy-o Paul Weller, a longtime favorite of mine, is preparing to release his 9th CD in June. It's a double record set called 22 Dreams. The album is said to be his most eclectic since The Style Council days. Weller, soon to turn 50, says it has "soul, rock'n'roll, folky moments... avant free form, a classical piece and a spoken word piece about God." Huh?! I did not like his 2005 CD, As Is Now, so he has something to prove to me.

Read what I said about Paul last January when I saw him in New York.

My Top Ten Plus One Paul Weller songs:

You Do Something To Me
Broken Stones

Out Of The Sinking
It's A Very Deep Sea
The Paris Match
Speak Like A Child
Changing Of The Guard
Shout To The Top!
The Changingman
My Ever Changing Moods

photo via Wellerworld

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