February 13, 2008

Lady Ritchie, Keep Your Glasses On

Madonna has chicken cutlets jammed in over her cheekbones! It may be filler and botox, but she's kind of Cher-ish. She looks a little better without all the face paint in this pic, where she is channeling Deborah Harry.

Watch her weird face talk about her new movie here. Regarding Filth And Wisdom, I had no idea she co-wrote it. One hopes it's better than her Sex book prose! Interestingly, The Times likes it! They say, "Despite its many shortcomings... Madonna has done herself proud."
Just bring on the music.


Adem With An E said...

Hrmm... hopefully it's just a case of the Teri-Hatcher and the 'swelling' will die down after a week or two.

Did you hear she might be releasing this movie on iTunes? I had no idea it had turned into a full length thing and thought it was still a short...

Phil said...

Word from the set was that she said not a word to anyone but the cinematographer, the actors in the scene and her PA.

Quite right too.

D'luv said...

I actually heard that when the script girl tried to ask Madonna a question, she tasered her pussy.