February 21, 2008

Kissing you is not what I had planned

Be sure to check out Fervox - I'm From the 80's for a post on one of the great guilty pleasure songs of the 80's by Frisco Jones... I mean Jack Wagner. Do the British know who this is? He is a longtime famous soap star in America who was a huge heartthrob when I was like 13.


D'luv said...

Since you're a lot older than me... a lot... I didn't get into the awesomeness that is Jack Wagner until he was on Melrose Place in the mid-'90s. I then tracked down his album on cassette (I don't think it was ever issued on CD) and played "All I Need" for about two weeks straight.

That tape is under my bed at my parent's house, collecting dust. Much like Jack's crotch, I'm sure.

babs said...

OMG. Yep, I was on the Jack Wagner bandwagon, too. Think "All I Need" came out somewhere 83-84ish.

I was addicted to GH during that time period and even saw him in concert around '85-'86 before I became too hip (sch right).

But, I can sing parts of it still. And I think I could play the song on the piano.

And there's an okayish book called _Getting Over Jack Wagner_ by Eliza Juska. Probably not worth full price, but might be worth on sale or from library. And yes, it is chick written and demographed if that should be important for you know.