February 27, 2008

Her data my dahhta

Run don't walk to the Róisín Murphy Blog (by the Hopeless Optimist!) to check out video of Róisín's incredible busking moment outside St Paul's on 2/25. She performed newly arranged versions of new single You Know Me Better and Overpowered (among others) to brilliant effect. I love how there's a guy with a stroller in the background of one clip. That is one hip bambino.

RM continues to thrill me with her foxy style and fearlessness. And while I'm on it, the upcoming single has one new b-side, a collab with Seji called Keep It Loose. It's out March 31- we've been waiting for this video almost as long as we've been waiting for that damned Madonna song!

pic via some Russian site I could not read!


DanProject76 said...

New Roisin b-side? Count me in!

She also busked outside Covent Garden station, it's a weekly feature on The Culture Show (a BBC show) http://youtube.com/watch?v=cfDUCUYaa1c

PhillipR said...

Oh how amazing would that have been! oh how i miss London!

Yuяi said...

The chromosomes match!

Love RM!

countpopula said...

My initial reaction was something like, "Good God, this woman can do anything!" To take such electronica-based songs to the streets (upright bass, anyone?) and sound as near-flawless as the record is truly noteworthy. Just one more reason why Roisin is tops!