February 10, 2008

Gathering Goldfrapp

Goldfrapp is featured in the new issue of Remix magazine. This 3-page article is for fans really interested in how an album is created. Tidbit: they left 10 songs either off the album or unfinished and yet no b-sides for the first single?

Alison also did a spikey interview with Pitchfork in which she sniffed of Kate Bush comparisons, "[witheringly] Really? Well, that's very nice, we're flattered. Good old Kate."

You can buy MP3s of the the A&E single and mixes via Mute as of Feb 11. I recommend the moody Gui Boratto Remix and the Hercules and Love Affair Remix.

Finally, Alison and Will appeared on Jo Whiley's Live Lounge this week. Alison got so nervous that she told Jo,"I'd rawther just go home." They stayed and did lovely versions of A&E and a Klaxons track called It's Not Over Yet. You can listen to the show here or get MP3's of the songs at Goldfrapp.fr - just scroll down to Feb 8 and the bit about Whiley show. Here also are some pics from the event... Alison's gone strawberry blond.


Yuяi said...

Wow, Ali G. that nervous? That surprised me. I thought that lady could bend steel with her teeth. But I guess that's why The Seventh Tree is like it is, to make a deliberate departure from the sharp-edged electro and a cold/aloof Ali that I guess folks (like me) incorrectly associated with her IRL.

Great interviews too. Thanks for pointing us to those, Xo.

D'luv said...

I have yet to even listen to this album. I think it's her Captain Jack Sparrow garb that's turned me off. That, and no drum machines.

David (My Dear Boys) said...

I heart Goldfrapp.

By the way, "Not Over Yet" was a dance classic from the mid-90s, covered by The Klaxons but originally released by Grace.



ultraplus said...

Alison is a total miserable c*nt. She was the WORST interview I ever had!

xolondon said...

Details please Shane! DISH.

Phil said...

A certain UK fashion designer whose surname ryhmes with Hugh agrees with Shane. In fact, he used that very word. He did a fashion spread with her as his muse and was not 'a'mused when she behaved like a complete and utter twat.

Our Roe was a much better muse.