February 21, 2008

For you I was a flame

Bette Midler was on TV last night saying she wants to smack Amy Winehouse. Then she explained that everyone knows how amazing Amy is except for the girl herself. I watched her youtube performace of the lyrically-relevant Valerie with Mark Ronson (watch below) this morning and got a bit teary. She also did a good version of the beautiful Love Is A Losing Game. Amy is such a treasure.

And of course she uttered that hilarious and quotable dedication at the Grammy's: "To my Blake. My Blake incarcerated."

More news on the Brits via The Times.


Myfizzypop said...

i have to say i thought the Valerie performance was downright dreadful, and i absolutely love that song. Love... was much better. she just seemed totally out of it during Val. Maybe it was that horrific dancing. You can see the orchestra pissing themselves laughing.

Pablo said...

There isn't anyone better out there. No one gets even slightly close (not even Adele whom I adore).

I discovered her back in the Frank days and fell in love. Then BTB came and she embraced the sound I'm made of (well if you mixed both albums that's it!) I just can't help adoring her more than any other artist.

She sings and writtes right from the heart. I seriously put her up there amongst the biggest musicians of all time. Everyone should listen to the demos of her songs (guitar and voice only). It's not Mark Ronson (who's incredibly good aswell) who makes her what she is.

I still love your blog.