February 19, 2008

Do you understand what I'm talking about?

What video is it? Watch it!


Adem With An E said...

OH. I didn't even have to press play; I knew exactly what it was by the quote in the title. My favourite Madonna single (next to La Isla) performed BRILLIANTLY. I remember seeing it on the Virgin Tour VHS for the first time as a small child and - already loving that song - being blown away by it. There is a family home movie of me wearing sunglasses and a black jacket singing along to it on the couch; I'm almost tempted to look for it.

Best bit? When the backing singers start singing "ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh" and then Madge pipes in with her "aaaaaaahs."

If she really DOES bring her next tour to Australia, I really do hope and pray she pops "Gambler" onto the set list. The mere thought of actually seeing her do that song live send huge rushes of excitement through me.

Poster Girl said...

Gah, I am SUCH a Madonna neophyte--I'd never heard this before, and I love it. Performance too.

Phillip said...

WOW. I feel 13 again and its 1985. Its the original Madonna. Amazing.

My personal favourite from this tour was Into the Groove because of the dance routine.

D'luv said...

JT Leroy did pop music, as well??

mike said...

back in 2001 I had these dreams that Britney performed this song with this exact arrangement, in this exact costume with the fans and everything, in concert. it never happened.

instead a few years later Brit did some instructional yoga video with Madonna (Me Against The Music) and shattered my dreams of that ever happening.