February 21, 2008

Cover story, v. whatever

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. is a Brit band with a name like one of those bands that end up on Stereogum and every other indie blog (which is thus not so indie since everybody is covering the same thing). Actually, they're not bad (try Find The Time) and this is an artful cover image worthy of a vinyl album cover. The band built the sculpture with found objects supplied by their fans. Meanwhile, font whores are fizzing...

REM doing REM. They've been using that logo for awhile now in varying guises. This reminds me of doing those print thingies where you dig out the negative space and leave a raised part that you dip in ink and press on paper. What are those called? I did them in 7th grade and clearly Mr. Stipe does them now.

Duffy has a nice black and white campaign going for her debut album and all it took was wanderin' around seaside spots in Wales (or Cymru, bitches!) with a camera and a comb to tease her bouffant. You can look at these photos and hear the gulls.

Ooh, gorgeous, Man Ray-like solarization things happening here. Lykke Li is wicked cool. Tis a pity her CD is not worth buying for the art...

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