February 16, 2008

Cover story: Róisín Knows Me Better

IHOP caught it first, that Róisín Murphy is back with the perfect You Know Me Better on March 31. I believe that the mixes are by Andy Cato (who produced the original), Samim, Trevor Lovey, Guy Williams and Toddla T, whoever they are! No word on any new tracks.

Here is what I said about You Know Me Better in my review of Overpowered:
It's a chunky pop/dance song with fast heh heh heh breathing and a slap slap slap chorus [she likes threes?]. There is a moment at 2:43 - the middle eight - where the creamy vocal makes the lyric more poignant: "How many years can we keep going on this way? / Too afraid... too much at stake / I believe the friendship can surive / Or maybe it won't, if we do or we don't."

In a perfect world, this song would go to #1. It's just that great. I eagerly await the video - can she go for three in a row?


Moogaboo said...

Agreed. This is the best track on an album filled with them, and I really hope it hits. Love the artwork, can't wait to see the video.

PhillipR said...

i have really gotten into this album over the last few months, thanks to this blog and i just HEART Roisin Murphy. i'll never forget the "girl o the greasy spoon post"!

i love the beginning to this track where she sings "i think we waited, long enough baby" and she sounds like a big black soul singer. perfect!

Roisin is coming to OZ in March and can't wait to see her at V festival.

Adem With An E said...

You know, before my big Janet-fest this week, I've been listening quite non-stop to the Roisin album. Each time I hear it, I find something new to love about it; little things that make its brilliance even mightier.

I had a post planned about the album where I retract its place on my end of 2007 chart and popping it up in the Top 3, but I really do want to leave that 2007 list as far away from the new year as possible. But this single - I can't wait for the clip. That cover is divine.