October 10, 2007

You're so satin chic

A few of the songs on my playlist this week...

Etherfox Something Different To Say
I fucking love this because it makes me feel 10 feet tall. A good effect. I hinted a few days ago that while we await the monolithic debut album by Antigone Foster, we can submerge ourselves in this awesome Ibiza dance anthem. She did this as "Etherfox" with Justin Shave, best known as the producer of Darren Hayes' new opus [that's them above]. It pulls all the usual club tricks, but it works as a pop song. You'll get a sense of her rich voice, which goes from soft/sweet to demanding (the latter may become a trademark). The remixes are great, but you can start with the radio edit.
Get this now at iTunes US or UK (and probably more)

Girls Aloud Call The Shots
A more subdued BPM from the Aloud, this seems to have a lot of Nadine, my favorite Girl. There's something subtle and dreamy about this song, which is this close to a rewrite of Singapore, but better. Strong melody on a big big synth bed. "Just cuz you're raising the bet and call the shots now on me, ooh / It really doesn't phase me how you spend your time." The shimmer glimmer bridge is nice too - who is that? Bitchy little Nicola?

Sugababes Change
Solid album, though not an instant grabber. I'm choosing this song from several I like (including the excellent Surprise) because it captures what separates Sugababes from the pack - their maturity. It's probably their most serious song since Maya, which shares a theme of loss. The chorus chugs along, but is actually a beautiful (and truthful) downer: "Ain't it funny how you think you're gonna be okay / 'Til you remember things are never gonna be the same again." I love Mutya, but she is not missed here: Amelle makes up any lost emotion and Heidi Range is probably the most underrated singer in British pop music.

Radiohead Nude / All I Want
Pop fans really should pay attention because each Radiohead release is greeted with the pageantry of a Beatles album. They are worth invesitgation at the least. I've not heard the whole record yet. I quite liked their 90's records The Bends and OK Computer and then it all went to arcane shit for me. I felt like they are a club in which I am not welcome, you know? Nude is a 4-minute twilight ballad, all lush synths and falsetto and willful prettiness. All I Want is also a ballad, but more guitar-based with straightforward (no whine) vocals and a seriously lush instrumental break in the last minute. I love the line "I'm an animal trapped in your hot car." Back to the 90's I am and I won't be let down again.

Mrs. Ghoul Antony (aka JLo) Stay Together guilty pleasure!
Okay, I despise what this woman represents, but I like this disco song primarily for the wee flute trilling like a little bird through it. Or wait? Is that JLo trilling like a little bird? Anyway, the problem here is the absolutely ghetto highspeed verses. Who is she fooling, singing like dat? "On and on, we up and runnin'"? I beg your pardon, Mrs. Antony? I too want her to disappear into mommyhood, but admit it, this sounds like a hit single. I love how JLo barely bothers to sing her own chorus. It's all background girls! The Roommate is looking at me in disgust right now.


Michael said...

Thanks for the suggestion on Etherfox. I had not heard it before so I got "original vocal mix" on iTunes and really enjoyed it. Do they have other tracks?

The Girls Aloud song is really nice. I like that the tempo is slower than the previous two few singles.

I don't have all the Sugababes tracks yet but "Change" is my early favorite. Great chorus.

Adem IAR said...

Yes, that is my darling Nicola on the pretty shimmy bit of "Call The Shots."

And yes, that Etherfox track is MIGHTY.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with the fact that the new Sugababes album takes some time to grow on you, but Change is outstanding, alongside some other tracks that are worthy of mention in my opinion, including My Love is Pink (as tacky as the song title is, this could be a dancefloor smash), Never Gonna Dance Again (I'm in love with Heidi's "it's over" while the song fades out) or Denial, though in this case I would probably favour the live version, probably because Heidi is more clearly audible and her higher range is amazing here. Heidi has a great voice (I find myself constantly searching for the snippets where her voice is featured more prominently) and seems so sweet down to earth in interviews that I wonder if we will ever have a solo record

Electroqueer said...

Might I also suggest the brilliant 'Sir Jeremy' from Etherfox if you can find it! Antigone's vocals on it are sultry and sublime!

xolondon said...

The only reason I have not bought more is because this was available on itunes, which is easy for me. I am always a wee bit hesitant to give my card info to other vendors (well, I'm a slut that way, but... it gives me pause). Having said that, I don't imagine their own shop ripping me off anytime soon, so I am just being lazy.