October 21, 2007

Quote of the Week: Sedaris on Stringbean

The first story of the first book (94's Barrel Fever) by David Sedaris is called Parade. In it, he imagines himself to be the ex-boyfriend of such men as Henry Kissinger, Mike Tyson and Charlton Heston. Here is a brief moment from that story, when he "remembers" breaking up with Brucey Bruce Springsteen:

Bruce took it hard and picked up these women on the rebound. I remember running into that last wife of his, the model, at a party. It was she, I, Morley Safer, and Waylon Jennings. We were waiting for the elevator, and she was saying to Waylon that Bruce had just donated seven figures to charity, and I said, "No matter how much money Bruce gives to charity, I still say he's one of the tightest men I've ever known." It went right over her head, but Morley knew what I was talking about and we shared a smile.
- David Sedaris, Parade, 1994

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