October 2, 2007

La la la la, la la la la la...

Why would you post a new picture of a grizzled old Brucey Bruce when you can post one like that? Git down with yer radio, Stringbean. And while you're down there...

The shockingest schock of the year is that Bruce has a new song I think is quite, to quote another blogger, poptastic. It's called Girls In Their Summer Clothes and the vocals are a total surprise: gone is the irritating faux twang. I mean, Bruce grew up in Joysey and yet he sounds like Ennis from Brokeback Mountain?

Not on this song. When I first heard it, I wasn't even sure it was Bruce. Listen to the way he sings the phrase "two by two "at :29 seconds in (below). That's Bruce?

I tend to separate Springsteen's career into three categories: Bruce smells like beer, Bruce smells like soap and Bruce smells like something burning. The pop stuff is the 80's, smells-like-soap era. I'd already developed a secret liking for his new single Radio Nowhere, his best single since Tunnel Of Love and now this song! Keep surprising me, Brucey Bruce, and we just might get back together.

Bruce Springsteen Girls In Their Summer Clothes:

Buy this song at iTunes US (I'm sure it's everywhere else too).


J'ason D'luv said...

Nice. I actually really liked "Streets Of Philadelphia" from the Philadelphia soundtrack, and "Secret Garden" off his '95 greatest hits (which later became a big radio hit when it was included in Jerry Maguire). The latter reminds me of this guy I was seeing in college... we used to have VH1 on all the time at his place, and "Secret Garden," Madonna's "Bedtime Story," Melissa Etheridge's "I'm The Only One" and Des'ree's "You Gotta Be" were always on.

Ah, 21.

babs said...

Ah, that's such a 90s mix of songs.

I laughed at the comment about Bruce's twang, 'cause it's so true. I heard a lot of Bruce and Bon Jovi growing up near Joysey. (New Joysey and you: Perfect together.) And when Bon Jovi came out with the cowboy "Dead or Alive." I lost it.

"Streets" I actually liked. I hated "I'm on Fire." And I remember the Rick Springfield song. "She Called me Bruce" where his girl gets mixed up between him and Springsteen.

Paul said...

i am strangely attracted to that picture.

torr.typepad.com said...

woah, this IS a good song. what were the chances?!?!

Moogaboo said...

What the... it sounds like Bruce has been listening to the Magnetic Fields!! If Stephin Merritt doesn't have a co-writing credit on this, I will eat a selection of fine hats.

Okay, he probably doesn't, but this still sounds like something off the Wasps' Nests or 69 Love Songs albums. Lyrically and musically. Shocking.

small squirrel said...

love the song! I am glad it's good cause you know my undying love for the Boss.

Is it cause I was born in Jersey? No one will ever really know.

My faves are "Spirit in the Night" "Thunder Road" and "Trapped"... but this is nice!

xolondon said...

Apparently the new CD is very classsic Brucey Bruce. Another good one is Your Own Worst Enemy.

Moogaboo- true!