October 20, 2007

Kylie makes her video

Not terribly illuminating, but we take we we're given!


glossy said...

kylie is white hot in a modern monroe sort of way.

Tricky said...

I daren't whisper this elsewhere for feat of being shouted down by a million hysterical stuck-in-Fever-era Kylie obsessives, but I have been won over utterly by this song. I also kind of get that she heard and loved the Kish Mauve version, wanted to sing that song, that way, and then has let other people go crazy with the remixes. It also gives her an absolute stonker of a song to perform next year. Everyone's a winner.

Despite that, I still think that other than than the magic moment the microphone gets a stiffy, the video is a just a bit too ordinary for a big Kylie comeback.

xolondon said...

And a bit too Goldfrapp. Come on Miss Shadforth, don't repeat yourself for the Princess of Pop.