October 31, 2007

It's Halloween trolls!

For Halloween, we get our kicks electrocuting Lucinda. No, not reallly. She always looks like that. And she walks on imaginary high heels. Do any of you have pets who do that?

As for pets in costume, which has become a viral email thang each year, I like this one.


J'ason D'luv said...

I heart Lucinda! And my own Halloween-colored pussies, too...

babs said...

Lucinda looks like a slightly more fluffy cat than mine is. I am awash in rampant cuteness. The pet in costume is pretty decent.

Was considering putting a witch's hat left over from Halloween's past on Alistair, but seemed like he would just knock it off. Which is why most of the costumed pets seem to be dogs.