October 7, 2007

Immi update

Imogen Heap continues to delight with her vblogs. This is probably the best she's done yet because it includes shots of her (very nice) house, discussion of performance with Nitin Sawhny (sp?) at the BBC Proms, an encounter with a large animal, a trip to Devon, etc. The more I see her, the more I love her. Note this one is 9 minutes, so maybe that qualifies as a fan-only thing, I don't know...

I'm still in the suburbs as I write this and it's actually beautiful out here, especially when I walked Cassie at about 8 this morning. I went into this small wooded field thingy across from my parent's drive - they have lived in this house since 1986 and I don't think I'd ever walked over there!? How can that be? Anyway, a very hot day (88) is expected. When I agreed months ago to stay out here, I expected it to be all autumnal and it's like July! Booyoumothernaturewhore! Up next is a visit with a friend who I hope will agree to Mexican food so I can have me some chips and salsa... and maybe a margarita. Frozen, for the weather.

Last night I had my wee "party" with 2 friends and the Cornish pasty turned out great. We had a teeny chocolate cake I bought at Wegman's. Holy shit! Most store cakes are crap, but Wegman's is no regular store and this cake was epic. Thank God Wegman's is nowhere near my own place, because all sorts of chocolate drama would ensue.

Do you see a theme developing? There is nothing to do in the suburbs but eat.


... said...

Hmmm.. Chocolate cake, Mexican food, frozen margaritas, a walk in the woods.. Sounds like a fun day to me.

Glad you're enjoying it!

Dan said...

Booyoumothernaturewhore indeed! It was nearly 90 the last two days, slightly cooler today, but very humid. It's going to become more fall-like as the week goes on, just in time for us to head to 90+ degree Phoenix, AZ.

Sometimes, you just can't win. ;)

Brittle said...

I love that Wegman's. They make awesome Caeser salad, the chicken salad is great, and the cookie bar?! Jeez louise.

countpopula said...

Booyoumothernaturewhore indeed! Cassie is so cute (I pray for D'luv's soul), and you're right about the suburbs. How d'ya think I got this way???

small squirrel said...

I so totally hate you.
all that talk of chocolate cake, mexican food and such.... ARGH!

bastard! :P

want some dal? a chappati?

babs said...

Love Wegmans. I miss it. I used to be able to get various party stuff all there and now it's more spread out. Well, I live somewhere different. That would have something to do with it.