October 13, 2007

Gettin' ready for Róisín

It is hours until the release of Róisín Murphy's new Overpowered album and it's time for a blowout post...

First, check out Róisín covering The Gossip (and rockin' awesome hair):

Epic, eh? Thanks also to Lucas for sending me this link to Róisín's appearance on Music Control at 96.4

Ten things wot we learn:

1) Róisín can rock acoustic versions of her new disco tunes with panache.

2) She is well obsessed with The Sopranos

3) "When you get past a certain age you need your own lighting rig."

4) Her album pics were taken on Woolwich High Street

5) She's into Kanye West

6) She says things like "me gob"

7) About the "caf" patrons in the video for Let Me Know: "They know I'm coming and sort of sigh because I 'm gonna break out into song and dance at any minute."

8) She prefers Coronation Street to East Enders.

9) Róisín recorded Let Me Know in "hedonistic" Barcelona. It's about being sick of sadness and just wanting to have a loose sexual relationship. She does a gorgeous
acoustic live version of it !

10) Movie Star is about
"a girl who's about to get herself into quite a lot of trouble."

Finally, here is Róisín doing Let Me Know on Jonathan Ross. Note the shoulder pads and the milli-second glimpse of Ewan McGregor!


Yuяi said...

Roisin is GREAT live!

countpopula said...

Roisin rocks live, eh? So refreshing to hear an artist who can turn it out in the studio and on stage with a looser feel. Looks great, sounds great...what more could you want? Eat your heart out Britters--you'll never be this talented.

J'ason D'luv said...

Ewan McGregor can knock off a piece of D'luv anytime he wants.

alan. said...

oh, yay!
it's about freakin time.

i've long worn out my copy of "ruby blue"!
i can listen to "sow into you" all day long.

i'm definitely looking forward to this sophomore effort.
any chance of her working again with mark?
i miss moloko.

can't wait for your future posts on her.

Doron said...

A couple of listens into the album I have the following observations to make:

1. PRIMITIVE remains the best track, for me. Just brilliant.

2. 'Off and On' would have sat on the album very well and there are a couple of fillers which could have been ditched to make space for it. I know there were royalty rates issues between the 'Murph and Calvin Harris but she should have sorted it out. The song is good.

3. This album is very, very good. But the inlay booklet should have had more more more by way of pics of Roisin wearing weird fashion.

There we are.