October 12, 2007

Friday night: When Janet was queen.

Aside from looking quite good these days (less butch!), Janet's been doing interviews for her new Tyler Perry flick,which looks pretty good. Some details have slipped out about her upcoming album (due next Spring):
1) She is doing something for it with M5 - presumably a vocal with Adam Levine. Good move.
2) There is, so far, nothing from Jimmy and Terry. Not so thrilled about this. I think they should contribute one good pop song and one killer ballad (a la Enjoy and Take Care from her last record, the one I loved so much. Ahem!).

) Producers include Rodney Jerkins (it's not right, but it's okay), NeYo (great move - do a ballad with him!), and The-Dream (you don't know who that is, do you? His real name is Terius and he wrote/produced a nice little song called Umbrella).

4) Bad news. Her mangy pet pug, Jermaine Dupree, is out of the dog house and once again in charge. Not sure what happened to LA Reid, but with Dupree near Janet, a career ender could be in the making. Janet has to slam it with this album. She had 4 hits in a row, then 2 major flops, so this is crucial.

Here is the deal. When you start to hate on Miss "Dunk," put on janet. It's astonishingly diverse, both in style and emotional heft (who doesn't get a chill on Again when she does the hold me thing at the end?). It holds up really well. I wish this style of r'n'b would find a place in today's "market"...

News source: Janet Love - best Janet site!


Paul said...

that adam sure gets around doesn't he? Kanye, NatsBeds, Alicia, Sly and Family Stone, Rob Thomas, JJ... i love a popular dude...

xolondon said...

You forgot to mention yourself!

Pop said...

get outta my head! One More Chance is such a gem. when that first appeared on the cd single of IF, i lost my mind.

i have this whole background scenario i created as a little teen queen loving this song.

my thought was that Randy was super friendly with Janet during this "janet." period. And he would constantly bitch about how great that song was that he wrote way back when. and eventually feeling bad for randy, janet decided to record it. And even though it came out excellent she didn't put it on the album. Why? Because thats how the Jacksons DO!

So whenever I hear that song, which is not enough, I think of that whole (completely fabricated) drama.

xolondon said...

That is too funny. And probably true given their dysfunction!

small squirrel said...

I love me some miss jackson when she is all "smooth and creamy" r'n'b like you said, but really, for me... it is still all about her version of "got til its gone" with q-tip

"why you wanna go and do dat, hunh?"

of course, there's "if"...cause we all know those are the *nastiest* lyrics ever played on the radio.