October 28, 2007

Film: Always Crashing In The Same Car

One of my favorite movies of all time is 1984's Withnail and I starring Paul McGann and Richard E. Grant. It's about two out-of-work actors in London, 1969, living in Camden. One (the I, Marwood) is sort of the straight man, while his roommate, Withnail, is drugged up and dramatic. The two take a trip to the country house of Withnail’s lecherous gay Uncle Monty and all hell breaks loose. It's a comedy, but it's bittersweet, and has some of the finest lines ever uttered on film! If I had to sum up what it's really about, I'd say the end of an era (the 60's) and the moment at which we have to grow up and live adult lives. It's also about best friends.

First, a scene from Withnail and I:

Withnail and Marwood stop at a tearoom on their way to the country. One of the classic lines is uttered in this clip. You maybe able to guess which one?

Here also is a full post on W&I that I did a few years ago, which includes more youtube clips. Be sure to see this movie.

And now, the newsy part of this post...

For the first time in 20 years, the two actors have reunited for a short (12-minute) film called Always Crashing In The Same Car. Here are some details, but, having watched it, I can tell you it's a bit... opaque. The end kind of brings it together, though not much. I think it's more enjoyable on second viewing when you can concentrate on the acting and not the "plot." Whatever, it's a wicked playoff between McGann and Grant, the latter having some of the great meltdown moments he also exhibited as Withnail.

You can stream the new film directly from Paul McGann's fansite.

Another option is to download it from the Times (London) website.

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babs said...

I love Richard E. Grant!! Though I have not seen this movie, which seems odd to me too. I know of its existence and have seen other Richard movies, some far more random, _How to suceed in advertising_ and _A Merry War._ . I liked the later a lot and keep meaning to re-rent. Will have to add it to my list. I even watched the _Scarlet Pimpernel_ that he was in and that wasn't that good. Okay, am going to go to the video store and return _Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang_ which was surprisingly good and was the best Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. have been in years.