October 10, 2007

A comment: I've had it

I am so worn out by the relentless news about B. Spears.

She is backwoods trashy, dumb as a stump, uneducated (the last two are different issues), she debases pop culture, she is a horrible role model and, durr, she cannot sing. It just sickens me.

Was she manipulated as a teen? Yes. Is she still? Yes. The ultimate victim is one who facilitates her own exploitation. Maybe she's confusing herself with a tragic Marilyn figure? But she cannot be that. She's the kind of girl who is not influenced by beauty or goodness or light or intelligence. She ain't attracted that flame. She doesn't understand those things. She sees herself only in... a Cheeto, a good blowjob or maybe a bumpin' beat.

Can she be saved / save herself? Yes, it will happen someday if the tabloids don't kill her. I can't kick a dying dog... or some poor child's mother. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

To quote Erica Jong...

For who can hate her half so well
as she hates herself?
& who can match the finesse
of her self-abuse?


J'ason D'luv said...

But....it's Britney, bitch!!

Chris Krakora said...

No, it's media overkill, bitch!!!