October 26, 2007


Last night I saw Annie Lennox and it was even more perfect than her 2003 show. I'll do a full review, but please watch this version of Cold. Not sure at which show this was filmed, but the performance and outfit are as they were last night in DC. At first the video is dodgy, but it gets better quickly and the sound is good. This performance was goosebump inducing - look for the bit starting at about "-3:00" where she really gives it up. The staging on that part (esp at -2:17) was incredible in person - the big blast of white light and the cool way the drums echo.


Robpop said...

The woman is amazing live. The Bare tour is the most amazing live performance I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Peach,

The show was AWESOME! Thank you. The band, the lights, the staging, Annie; I was blown away!

The amount of energy she pumped into the show was incredible. Annie is eight months my senior, and I can't imagine doing what she did last night.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to hearing your take on the gig. Her tour didn't make it to this part of the US so I feel mighty left out. :( Thankfully I've seen her many time before...she puts on one amazing show. That voice sends chills down my spine.

Erik in Seattle