September 25, 2007

This is our last dance

Keane are back on October 29 with a brand new single. The a-side is called The Night Sky and is a benefit for War Child, which helps children in war zones. The b-side is their cover of Queen & Bowie's Under Pressure, which Tom Chaplin certainly has the vocal chops for. They recorded that for the Radio 1 album out on October 1.

If I'd heard these tracks, I might tell you that Under Pressure is quite faithful - note by note almost - but sounds a lot like ELO. The Night Sky is short and mid-tempo, classic Keane, which means poppy and pretty. If I'd heard them, I'd say that!

The tracklist:

The Night Sky
Under Pressure
Put It Behind You Now (Ffrisco Mix)

The photo above is new for the single - Tom is almost unrecognizable!


J'ason D'luv said...

Chapter two in the book D'luv would have to be about how, as an 8-year old in 1982 whose parents had just gotten MTV, I became, OBSESSED...with "Under Pressure." I loved that there were clips from old horror films in there like the Frederick March version of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Nosferatu... I began collecting Famous Monsters magazine because of that video.


J'ason D'luv said...

Okay, just re-watched the video for the first time in, oh, 20 years, and there aren't the clips I mentioned above, though there are some from other horror films. Nonetheless, I was enthralled with this song as a little kid. I played that 45 to its scratched death.

"Love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night." Is there a better lyric ever?

xolondon said...

We've touched a nerve!

Paul said...

i'm ready to welcome keane back into my good graces if only for a reconciliatory hug with Tim...

Adem IAR said...

Now THIS news has me excited. I'm hoping new material wont let me down as much as "Under The Iron Sea" did.

xolondon said...

It won't!