June 10, 2007

XOvision: Summer Sunday

This mega video post took forever, with much teeth-gnashing as Blogger f*cked me over again and again. In other actual news, I got a car this weekend! Onward/tally ho:

Steven Lindsay Monkey Gone To Heaven:

This reminds me of when Tori covered Nirvana and you discovered the songcraft beneath the original performance. This song was a favorite in college and Pixie cultists are sure to slash it to bits. Clearly Steven Lindsay is not a girl with a pixie cut [groan!].

Enrique Iglesias singing to the gayers:

How sweet. I mean it, how sweet. It gets really good at the end when Lil' Rique wraps his arms around the dumbstruck Asian boy - and note there is a kiss at the very end. The man is clearly safe in his sexuality. (X-rated comment: You just know Iglesias is the type who says a mouth is a mouth.) PS: Tricky has more commentary on this evening since he was there. I don't think Enrisque kissed Tricky though.

A Fine Frenzy Rangers:

A Countpopula and Wongie recommendation, here is the video for Alison Sudol's first single. Yes, she is a redhead at the piano (who actually looks a bit like Anne Hathaway crossed with Keira Knightly). She's got her own thing though and the song has a pleasingly big, propulsive sound. As for the imagery, I think Patrick Wolf has stumbled through these woods in many a video... and who is the pervy old man? And is Alison one of those poetic redheaded girls who wear in appropriare clothing to a hike?

Roisin Murphy Overpowered:

Overrated more like it. I will say that I enjoy Overpowered more now that I have seen the video, but I don't think it's the second coming. This video debuted on Popjustice and it's really amusing. Roisin has the whole droll /mundane thing down pat. I love the details in the video: the drunk on the bus, the chippie, especially the weird doll in her bedroom. One should not brush one's teeth while sitting on the toilet though. Rumor has it her next single Movie Star is a total killer. Stay tuned.

The Smiths On Charlie's Bus:

The Smiths and Sandie Shaw on UK kids' show Charlie's Bus in April 1984. This recommendation comes from Krissy who points out this exchange:

Child: Where are we going?
Morrissey: We're all going mad.
Child: I thought we were going to Kew Gardens?

Patrick Wolf Magic Position on Jimmy Kimmel:

A straightforward live TV reading of Patty's new single, though it seems to me there is some pre-recorded stuff happening. He actually looks like a Boy Scout! He's wearing the shirt I like, though I want it in a sapphire blue color... but I digress. I love how he's holding the ukelele up vertically as if it's an electric guitar. Patty is so likeable when he's not having an angry breakdown. Vid courtesy of Lycanthropy


Tricky said...

No tongues from Enrique: I am still bitter.

But, hush my bitter mouth, because I am officially renewed in my faith of the spawn of Julio: he loves the gays. Bravo, oh heavily-waxed one.

J'ason D'luv said...

LOVE the Pixie's cover. Everytime something off Doolittle pops up on shuffle on my iPod, it makes me happy... especially "Debaser" or "Wave Of Mutilation" :-)

A friend told me yesterday he saw Enrique live in Chicago a few years back, and at one point he shouted out to the crowd, "Alright, how many gays to we have in the audience?" and the place erupted! Clearly, he knows his audience!

countpopula said...

I'm really sad you find the Roisin Murphy overrated--I LOVE this song, and the video is a great concept of what you can do with a small budget. I've been a big fan for a while now, and this is a nice balance of her mainstream and experimental sides. You'll be hard pressed to find a better soul singer who doesn't kill the songs by oversinging a la M. Carey or Xtina. It's actually a bit Kylie-esque in a way.

Glad you like the Fine Frenzy a bit. I think there are even better songs on her album than this. Steven Lindsay--how very Gary Jules "Mad World". He sounds quite like Paul Buchanan. And Smiths on a children's bus--wow.

Paul said...

did you enjoy your iced lemon layer cake? I was concerned that you were lying on the floor of your apartment covered in enrique pictures, unconscious and unable to move, I have sent those paddles things they use on ER by courier and instructed the buff hottie to place them on your chest and yell "clear" and "stat" a lot... oh, that was not this post. This post was very good however. I want to see your car!

xolondon said...

I am not like in love with Skinny Mini Enrique, but I think he's a rare breed in lame-ass bigtime pop. He's no Licky Martin.