June 18, 2007

XOvision: Dresden Dolls

So I should be reviewing the very brill True Colors show I attended on Sunday night, but I'm in one of the most brain-bending periods of work in a long while - tonight I crashed at 9 pm. SO, in the meantime, check out the new Dresden Dolls video for Shores of California:

It's a shot by shot recreation of the mystery video below, with a cameo by Maragaret Cho. Watch a short making-of too. The video is missing Brian, the other half of the band. If he's in there, I don't see him. And the song, sighhhhh. It was positively booming live, so I disappointed to hear the studio version is much more quiet and tentative. It's missing the assertiveness and it never takes off like it should, given it's catchy chorus. I should say that Dresden Dolls were incredibly muscular (err, literally!) in live performance. They have incredible talent, originality and... hormones.

The inspiration, from Msr. DLR...


Oh. It's Kristen Again. *sigh* said...

You know, Lizze loved the Dresden Dolls - we played "Coin operated boy" at her memorial service last year.


Adem IAR said...

Awww I saw the Dresden's last time they were in Oz, it was suuuuch a good night. Back then I had a jeep, and one of my theme songs is still "The Jeep Song"

I cannot wait to hear about True Colours. Was my beloved Rosie there? Was Margaret fabulous?

*waits patiently*