June 22, 2007

Sophie's scrapbook

Fresh faced on Radio Guerilla

Sophie Ellis Bextor has been keeping her website alive with weekly interviews and photos. Above and below are a few of the best. She's really unique looking. If you don't have her album, get it! It's one of the best albums of 2007.

In concert, obviously

Before one of her gigs opening for George Michae. Sparkly!

Her boy Sonny, incognito at the empty Dublin venue


Yuяi said...

OMG, La Bex is the 5th Cylon!!! (see green sparkly pic)

Even if she's an alien, I still think she's hot!

Totally agree, her CD is one of the best so far this year.

Paul said...

she continues to amaze me, and i can't stop listening to her album. pure genius. I think that the little boy was backstage at the feeling concert/downpour on friday night. What a cute little tyke

xolondon said...

Did you go backstage!?

D'luv said...

OMG! I took your advice and got this (just arrived today)! You weren't lying! Faves so far are "Love Is Here" and "The Distance Between Us."

And the word verification -- kid you not -- is jyswad