June 29, 2007

Songs Of Mass Destruction

If you've heard about various people dueting on Annie Lennox's new album, well, how about like 20 on one song? Supposedly - and this is unconfirmed - she has a new charity track called Sing that will feature 23 female vocalists, including Madonna, Celine, Gladys Knight, Joss Stone, Shakira, Fergie, Pink, Faith Hill, Melissa Etheridge and k.d. lang. (Which one of those is not like the other?)

This news was sent to me by PoolParty, so I am not sure of its veracity.

What is true is that her album is called Songs Of Mass Destruction and is out in September. Anne had this funny comment about the album:

As you can tell, it's going to be light weight, easy listening, coffee house kinda stuff... NOT!


The Richard said...

The arrival of an Annie Lennox album is always a very big deal. However, I worry if Glen Ballard will give this record of presumably tough talking a tough (hopefully electronic) sound. These are her roots and this is what music in 2007 sounds like: it's my dearest hope the two combine. I will enter a dark dark depression if it's all squealing guitars and unending angst. Given the (great!) title, I also worry it will be humourless, like the last record. I bet she's an absolute scream over a glass of wine on a Friday night, but that never sparkle I perceive rarely translates to the music.

The shimmery gown (and the foxy body inside it) shown in your great photo is not so much Grannie Lennox. Quelle relief.

xolondon said...

Well, even if it is not a perfect album, there are probably a few classics to be served.

Robpop said...

Annie is perfection. Her voice. Her everything. I've seen her live. It was solo tour for Bare. It was legendary. It was in Zurich. It was front row. It appeared to be in a town hall. The 3 hour set was life changing. I cant wait for this album.