June 7, 2007

New voice: Sara Bareilles

Last last year, I received an email from a friend suggesting I check out this girl singer's website. Okay. The first song I played, Gravity, was a full-on singer/songwriter piano classic. I read the bio and found out that singer, Sara Bareilles, had been having a rough time of it. She'd signed to a "major" and then found herslef in the position of defending her music as she tried to produce it the way she thought it should be done. I looked into buying her previous indie CD, but it was a fortune on Amazon Marketplace. And so I gave up. She'd appeared on very few blogs and certainly not on Hype Machine. Another music industry corpse, I thought.

So that was it... until a few days ago when a PR person emailed me out of the blue and said Sara Bareilles (Bar-rell-is) is finally bringing out her debut album. That record is called Little Voice and the single is the titled Love Song, perhaps because it's anything but a love song...

Sara Bareilles Love Song expired

She's very good. It would be easy to hear her once and say "derivative", but Sara brings it on the songs I've heard so far. I'd liken her to a young Sarah McLachlan, but with a more sturdy Billy Joel quality. The sound is very much in keeping with the female singer/songwriters of the 70's. Piano, bass, guitar and strings. Come fall, Grey's Anatomy will devour Sara Bareilles!

Go to Sara's myspace page and stream the epic Gravity - it's really pretty and the vocal performance is pretty stunning, especially near minute 3. The album is out in July, but you can buy a three-song EP for $1.99 at iTunes US now! It has Love Song, Bottle It Up and Gravity, which you can also watch live below. Pay attention sensitive kids, this girl is the real deal.
UPDATE (6/9/07): These songs were produced and mixed by Eric Rosse, who did Tori Amos's first two albums. This detail alone will stir interest among Amos kids.

PS: Not only do I like her music, I like her font. See EP cover at the top.


Dan said...

I purchased this EP off of iTunes based almost solely on this review (although I did listen to the samples) and I agree, she is great! I saw when I did the iTunes search that she had a song called "Love on the Rocks" from the movie Monster-In-Law. Is it bad that I was tres disappointed to find out it was NOT a Neil Diamond cover. ;)


Paul said...

it's not a neil diamond cover? Boo you whores. Good find though XO! you continue to bring it with your posts :P

xolondon said...

Yes, she could have done a good job on the Neil song, which is an old fave. I am so glad you bought the sampler! I thought I was getting the album in the mail, but I got a sampler too. It had a factoid about the producer that I have since added to the post...

duanemoody.com said...

I have loved Sara for a couple of years now, and I am SUPER excited to see her album finally coming out! I was fortunate enough to see her long ago, and picked up her CD Careful Confessions at her show; and it has been in my car and in constant rotation ever since.

I can't wait for July 3rd!!!!