June 11, 2007

Mixtape: From lame suits right down to tennis shoes

That is world famous bottom George Michael at "new look" Wembley this weekend. More on that in a moment.

On Friday I decided to do one of my favorite solo jaunts... to get tacos at this place I like in Foggy Bottom (yeah, Foggy Bottom, the part of DC where the State Dept and The Watergate are). I used to make a little habit of going to this place, The Burro, and then hitting Tower Records in the same complex. It closed, of course, in late December and I've not been over there since. Last night I walked by the big empty space and there was still a note on the door that said We were honored to serve you for 24 years or something to that effect. Sighhhhh. I shopped there when I was like 15 and the implosion of that chain still bugs me to this day.

Anyway... some random bits:

First HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN THE MAN. I hope you have an exhilirating year!

That new da-di-da-di-da Paul McCartney song Ever Present Past sounds just like Wings! Hello 1977! Not sure where you can stream it though...

Sophie Ellis-Bextor
says she reads her reviews so I hope she read mine... I wish she would do an email interview with me [La Bex have "your people" call "mine"]. Sophie is currently doing a few weeks of shows with George Michael of all people...

Did any London readers see George at Wembley? He opened with a cover of Tim (late-father of late-Jeff) Buckley's Song To The Siren (watch the show intro). Watch him do Freedom 90 and a version of Elton John's somewhat obscure track Idol (professional footage)! That's the Elton song that goes "But his face has changed, he's not the same no more..." heh. What is up with those shit-tastic glasses? I think he's had more work done, the Surgery Queen. Whatever, he still has the voice and immaculate taste in covers. Here also is an interview Chris Evans did with him 2 weeks ago, along with a recent soundcheck.

The new Ghosts b-side Hate The Music is fantastic. Hear it on myspace and buy the new single on itunes or here.

My Lorraine source (Karen!) reports their album is almost done. I'll say no more until there are specifics.

The Matinee Club is recording their second album? Where did I read that? They might try releasing their first. And on something other than white fucking vinyl.

Voxtrot is very good despite their indie haute status... go here and stream Steven.

Note to Countpopula: New Stephen Duffy / Lilac Time abum out this year.

I suddenly couldn't care less about Kelly Clarkson. Screamer! Over her! Other (better) artists I seem to be out of love with include Tori Amos, Bjork, Travis (sorry!) and the Candie Payne record was not for me. I liked the style of it but felt the songs were lacking. Like a Lenny Kravitz record: nice clothes, slack body. I know some will disagree. None of those records are terrible, I just have no will to play them.

It's been two years now since Rachel Stevens released Negotiate With Love, the first song I loved by her. Come back to the five and dime, Rachel Stevens, Rachel Stevens.

Mixed Up In Glitter has Jamiroquai's Don't Give Hate A Chance (Freemasons Edit). There are also loads of good mixes on this post.

Hollyoaks has just started showing on BBC America. Not sure what year this series is from. We're also geting MI-5 (aka Spooks) which freaked my shit out the other night when some villian fried the hand of one of the characters in a vat of burning oil and then fried her head off too! Nice. It haunts me a bit, but I have the final season of Footballers Wives to distract me. Bring on Tanya Turner vs Joan Collins!

Finally, The Sopranos. The ending annoyed me Sunday night, but now I've mellowed to it. This was not an outstanding episode, but once you got over the trick of the last second, it made sense to go out as they did. My mother and friend really did call to ask if their cable had gone out. Here is the scene if you missed it.


Yuяi said...

About Le Club...

Apparently things are so bad right now that they've dismantled their message board. Not a good sign!

I'm guessing the duplicate Discotheque Francais CD they sent me (complete with--YES, another White vinyl album!) must've bankrupted them or something!

countpopula said...

YAY! Lilac Time/Duffy! Hopefully it will be an improvement on the last solo Duff CD...was OK but I didn't go back to it as much as the couple previous Lilac albums. Thanks for the news! Glad you also liked Fine Frenzy and Astrid Swan (isn't she great in a Tori sorta way?)...I think you should give the Tori some more spins. I was very cool to it at first, but it has grown on me quite a bit. As for the Bjork, I love her so much but the jury is still out on that one. (Travis--sweet but bo-ring).

Hopefully you get an interview with Sophie E-B? One of my favorite records of the moment for sure. Rachel Stevens pretty much vanished, huh? A case of a great record from a bland-ish artist? Maybe they should give all the songs to Kylie & have her re-record the vocals! It would probably be huge! (Or Mutya--would be a million times better than her snoozy debut, excepting Armada track).

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the Volta front but, I must say, American Doll Posse is - so far - my best album of 2007. I had grave concerns about the concept and the fact that it had 23 songs but, 6 weeks in, I think it is just about superb.

xolondon said...

Did Duffy have a solo CD I forgot about? I don't even know. The last thing I bought was the decent Lilac 6.

Re Sophie EB. I was just wishing. There are NO plans, unless I get my own fake press creds and create a false mythology that I am a powerful Internet entity.

Doron/Ordon, you are not alone. I know a lot of people who love the Tori record. I must have adult onset ADD! I will play it more soon.

countpopula said...

Yes XO, Duff-y released a CD in 2003 called "Keep Going", credited to Stephen Duffy & the Lilac Time.

For something totally different, you should look for Duff's new wave-y album with Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes from 2002, the Devil's "Dark Circles". Pop with an edge, and possibly the most electronic thing Stephen has ever done. They mostly used original Duran Duran songs that had been written before Duffy got kicked out & Simon LeBon was inducted. "World Exclusive" and "Come Alive" are particular highlights.

xolondon said...

Oh yes! I do have Keep Going - I just forgot. It has that song I love called "I Want To Be Your Man."