June 9, 2007

Ali G In Da House

Look who was spotted in London at the Institute of Contemporary Art on May 30? Alison Goldfrapp! Does this mean she is re-emerging? I predict new Goldfrapp music by the end of 2007. However, there is bogus news floating that they'll be at Glastonbury in two weeks. Don't believe it.

Remixers Project K have done a new 9-minute mix of Goldfrapp's ballad Time Out From The World, described by them as "commercial trance style, full vocal, but hopefully on the atmospheric side" Hear it on their myspace page, along with lots of Kylie mixes. Get the MP3 by right clicking on the image below.

Note that all of this is courtesy of Goldfrapp.fr - truly the best Goldfrapp fan site, where I got most of the info for this post. Be sure to visit/bookmark them!

8:45am: In an unrelated note, I am eating iced yellow layer cake as I type this post.
8:50 am: I am entering sugar coma.


Dan said...

How odd! I was eating yellow cake at the exact same time (-1 hr, naturally!) H will be very intrigued by new Goldfrapp as the Muse introduced her to them. Of course, I had been listening to them long before then, but it took the Muse to convert her.

Yuяi said...

It would be very cool to get some new Goldfrapp muzik before year's end!

Loved We Are Glitter, as you know. The "Ride a White Horse" Disco Odyssey mixes meshed so perfectly with my cult project last semester. Ahh, good times!

countpopula said...

Ooo XO...thanks for the reminder about this site. I used to always go there for Goldfrapp info, but have slacked lately due to lack of new material. This got me very excited again, as Supernature was my favorite album of 2005. What do you think the chances of Mute NA not waiting 9 months to release the album in the US this time are?

Seriously though, thanks for the remix headsup--it was excellent, and I hope it helps get Project K some serious production duties/work. Always thought the original would have made a great Bond theme.

xolondon said...

The imminence (which may not be a word and is not eminence, which is equally apprapo) of said Goldfrapp CD is my own speculation, but each year we end up with an embarrassment of riches, so don't be surprised!

Anonymous said...

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xolondon said...

I'll take a look! Those links at right are very specifically music related, otherwise I would have TONS of my fab blog friends there.