June 6, 2007

Live: The Pipettes take DC, 6/2/07

Rosay Pipette, my new lady love

Yes! They really DO wear polkadots. Each costume in a variation created from the same fabric, like girl groups of yore. You know, the clothes give away the personalities: That one has a cocktail sheath on so she must be the sexy one, that one has glasses so she's the quirky wit, etc.

The Pipettes rocked the house at the Black Cat in DC last night. I am happy to report they didn't suck - they sounded good and had a great stage presence. Backed by skinny boys in vests (The Cassettes), they took the stage for just over an hour and ran through most of their debut CD (minus one of my favorites, Sex) and did several new songs (By Your Side and Baby Don't Leave Me) that bode well for the next release.

I loved how, between each song, they'd do this little shimmy to reposition themselves at the mics for the next tune. I was standing in front of the speakers (with earplugs, natch), but lucky for me I was also right in front of the girls' keyboard and let me tell you, they were looking at me! I expect a proposition any day from my new fave Pipette, Rosay (the brunette).

If this review seems kind of shallow, hey captains, it's just The Pipettes. They ain't deep! The Pull Shapes finale, though? Zing! went the strings of my heart! How utterly happy that song made me and it ranks as one of my favorite moments in live performance this year.

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