June 14, 2007

It's long overdue

Go to iPop to hear Roisin Murphy's Overpowered (Kris Menace Mix). I finally heard her next song Movie Star and it is better.

UPDATE! The better mix is the Seamus Haji mix currently posted via Mastermix


Anonymous said...

Is Movie Star just better or is it the best thing since toaster strudel, as some fans are reporting?

I wanna hear it!

In other news, OVERPOWERED has grown on me, not least because of the video. Love it.

countpopula said...

Oh gosh XO, would you please stop the backhanded slag of Roisin Murphy's "Overpowered"? Yes, "Movie Star" kicks ass, but I LOVE the other as well (for different reasons--Annie Lennox wishes she could still write music like this). OP really gets stuck in my head like strudel, to be sure.

Funny how back in the day I equated Moloko to the likes of Lamb or Portishead, but only in recent years have I realized the brilliance of Roisin and the wide range of emotion she brings to her music (icy, humorous, sinister, quirky, tender are a few adjectives which come to mind). You'll probably come along in time... ;0

countpopula said...

That being said, thanks for the links. :)