June 19, 2007

Vivek Shraya: He's "a greedy motherf*cker!"

I suspect Vivek Shraya grew up to the sound of the synthesizer just like me. Only he actually twiddled with synths and guitars while I laid around on my shaggy rug with big headphones on. Like me, he daydreams about Christmas in June and majored in English. Unlike me, he is a daddy (in the literal sense). Do DILF's exist, by the way?

A Torontan, - err, is that right? Or Torontoan? - Vivek comes from the Imogen Heap school of intelligent electropop. The song below, Chemistry, hooked me with a very specific piece of the chorus that comes spilling out of his mouth: "Cause you and me, we got chemistry, it flows and grows and so it go-goes yeah." It's perfect for driving in the hot summer sun; there's something kind of fucked up and impatient about it.

His album is called If We're Not Talking - I have not heard it yet, but I'll report back when I do. It is not on iTunes (yet?), but can be purchased from him directly.

Hear more at Vivek's myspace. If you live in Los Angeles you can go out and support him at Outfest in late July.

Vivek Shraya Chemistry expired


Paul said...

DILF! I love it - great tune too. i tell ya, young dads are getting hotter by the minute... you majored in English? We must talk :P

Anonymous said...

I agree. Vivek makes great music! But I'm pretty sure he's not a dad. Still, we can pretend so we can still use the DILF title.

Yuяi said...

LOL! DILF sounds like a Batman written sound effect. Zonk! DILF!!!

And English majors are cool. I should know, I is one! :)

xolondon said...

I thought he had a baby b/c of the Baby V pics on his myspace page (and mommy/daddy pics!).

KulPop said...

That would be 'Torontonian' .