June 28, 2007

I saw you, you saw me

Antigone meets the Style Scout in London.

Isn't Antigone a sweet peach? She posted this message on her myspace blog as if I was Rolling Fucking Stone or something. Bless, as my cousin British Bridget would say.

Her song Life Without You continues to please me. Antigone has a 7-song player you can stream now. The track Funky Dancers has adhered to me - that huge, rubbery bass will make Cadillacs bounce. And the take a chance with me bit at minute 3 reminds me so much of Vanity 6 ...I mean that in the most almighty way. In fact, I think Antigone would be the perfect Prince protege. She has the same kind of vibe that Jill Jones had back in the day. And if you don't know Jill "JJ" Jones, get educated.

My other Antigone favorite is Mirror, which is the musical equivalent of a DVF wrap dress. Antigone alluded to having a Diana Ross moment with it, but I've also noticed it celebrates a bit of Stevie Wonder's higher ground vibe. She is very good at a mood, isn't she?

Pretty little gamine.


Paul said...

haha you are Rolling Fucking Stone. I really need to check out Antigones tunes. I loved her jeans hated her shoes. Oh and the group below this one look quite good too. Oh! And nice sarah nixey write up too. I think i'm all up to date now, mr wake up call hater :P

Anonymous said...

I love your comparisons to Antigone - all very true! Life Without You and Funky Dancers are amazing tracks. You gots to hear Uberwoman too in all it's high quality glory!

Anonymous said...

Life Without You... is definitely one of the more cyberseductive sounds to pervade the web of late. Great stuff! I always think of Antigone as a modern-day Jazz Cleopatra, akin to Josephine Baker and Billie Holiday. Plus... she's stylin'.

xolondon said...

Nice word: cyberseductive!

lucas said...

You're better than Rolling Stone, XO, because we still read you! :-)

Getting mentioned on your blog is such an awesome feeling because you have great taste!!! Antigone is appropriately thrilled!