June 14, 2007

I can turn emotion and off

It's Gay Pride season, so let's do some celebratin' with a little Miss One. Someone posted this in the Popjustice Forums awhile back... Diana Ross' opening for her 1981 diana [that is a llittle "d", bitches'] TV special.


1.The rooftop opening is megalomaniacal brilliance. Breathtaking! When will
Bouncey Knowles steal the idea?

2. "With Special Guest Larry Hagman?"

3. A pretty coat of dead white Persian kitten tails.

4. In the round. ooooh!

5. The Boss is sounding really current to me. I am so putting that on my iPod right now.

6. The album this special promoted came out in May 1981 and is pretty class. I had a copy at a... very young age. 8 brilliant songs on in a cover that opened up (and had nipples!). It included Upside Down, I'm Coming Out, My Old Piano, Tenderness.

7. Have a nice vacation, Tricky Richard. This post might make you a little wet.

8. Does the Forum still exist in LA or did they blow it up?

9. You can bet my debut album- out the same week as Lorraine's and Matinee Club's - will have a massive drum intro lifted right from I'm Coming Out.

10."I want to thank you for the love."

Note there is a lot of Diana on Youtube, like Home (pretty,wasn't she?) and this.


The Richard said...

Oh my Gaaaaaaaaad... talk about a woman who loves the spotlight. A sequin-clad human never looked happier than she does in that round. What amazes me is how little her enthusiasm for performing has changed in the, what, twenty-six years, since that was shot, when she was mid-way through her career already.

So, yes, wet in the bussy. Or is that bossy?

Anonymous said...


This made me think of Maya Rudolph playing Diana on Saturday Night Live's WEEKEND UPDATE, just after Miss Ross got sentenced to two days in jail for her drunk driving arrest. It was absolutely hilarious. Favourite line (to Tina Fey):

"Remember in the 1960's, when I was in the fabulous girl-group The Supremes? And I had twelve #1 songs and eighten Top 10 hits? Jail is not like that, Tina! It's quite the opposite! One minute, you're returning your copy of "V.I. Warshawski" to a Blockbuster in Tucson; and, the next thing you know, you're in the hoosegow! I'm in the pokie, Tina! I'm in the joint! The slammer! The clink! The can!"

Unfortunately the clip is no longer on YouTube. Boo.

Anonymous said...

...oh but it IS on Myspace:


Worth a look.

xolondon said...

That's awesome. I love Maya Rudolph!

Adem With An E said...

Xo, did you ever hear The Braxton's (from what I can recall was the threesome group of Toni Braxton's sisters?) cover version of "The Boss?" Virtually stuck to the original format but kind of spiced it up a bit for the late 90's. Just as fun as the original I always thought.

D'luv said...

Re: point #8...

Of course The Forum in L.A. still exists! Granted, it's in Inglewood (i.e., Ingle-'hood), so they don't get too many great shows these days, but it's where I saw Backstreet Boys (with opening act Youngstown) in October 1999.


Gay Pride here in L.A. was last weekend. I gotta post about that later.

Dan said...

XO, you can have the massive drum intro as long as I can have the trombone solo for my debut album. ;)

Perhaps the only thing more megalomaniacal than this was Diana's performance at the SuperBowl where she either arrived or departed via helicopter. We *still* reference that in conversation to this day!