June 22, 2007

Diva Deb: Embrasser c'est Francais

picture by CordedSeven from his Flicker page. Thank you!

Debbie Harry has taken a lot of stick for her performance on the True Colors tour. I have a few comments about her set - I know, I owe a fuller review, but I's been sick, trolls!

1) Her outfit at Merriweather was not too bad. White culottes, heels and a fitted white shirt, with a low slung black belt (see above). It was the white head band that caused all the... anal leakage... with fans. My friend Wayne said she looked like Physical-era Olivia Newton John's mother. Since that night, she's gone back to blond, which is a good thing.

2) She sang French Kissin' (In The USA), which made me so happy. Her vocals were quite strong throughout her set. She did not sing I Want That Man, to which I say, "Boo you whores!"

3) She did The Jam Was Moving too! A post I did on Debbie's KooKoo album really jump-started this blog a few years ago; fans get fizzy over that record.

4) She did far too many (5?) unreleased - not just new, but unreleased - songs. Period. It was just not the appropriate venue for that type of set, especially when you saw how the crowd reacted to Erasure doing Oh L'amour or to Cyndi's songs. You want to uplift the crowd and you want to acknowledge in some way that there were people who spent $125 for that show. It's just how I feel, being disappointed to see Debbie not reach her potential emotional connection with the audience. Those old songs go deep - people have lived their lives to her music - she would have felt the love returned to her.

5) Is it just me or does Debbie's guitarist have a little Lucas Miré hawtness going on?

6) Debbie was not stoned. She always looks like that. She's totally louche.

6) I'm done. Watch this:

The Logo special on the True Colors Tour will air:

Sat 06/23 4:00 PM
Sun 06/24 11:30 AM
Sun 06/24 11:30 PM
Tue 06/26 12:30 AM
Thu 06/28 11:00 AM
Sat 06/30 1:30 AM

PS: Really good musical recommendations post coming on Sunday morning!


J'ason D'luv said...

Greeeat. I'll get there late.

V said...

I have been reading some reviews about Debbie's performance being bad live - I've seen her live many times, she's pretty good. Was she performing songs from her soon to come out album? Interesting choice as far as "The Jam.." That's one of my favorite tracks from Koo Koo.

I agree though, she could have chosen a more recognizable set cause it's not the Debbie Harry concert after all. Songs like "I Want That Man" and "In Love With Love" which was a pretty big hit at the clubs during the summer of 87. My God that was 20 years ago.

V said...

P.S. - Loved the video you included. I should have went. :(

xolondon said...

She may have done In Love With Love, but I galavanting around the park at that point (bein' social).