June 21, 2007

Close your eyes and think of England

In the case of Nick Heyward, I refer you this post from May of 2006. He's a pop artist I've really missed. After success with Haircut 100 in the early 80's and a solid solo career through the late 90's, he's slipped from view over the last 10 years. Intriguingly, his myspace page has come to life recently.

Nick, who blogs on myspace frequently, is clearly happy with nature and gardening - look the his pics on myspace and you'll see photos of the flora and fauna he tends to. He's streaming a lovely new version of his early hit Love Plus One that you must listen to. There is a also a beautiful snippet of a string-laden pop song called Getting Clearer and he is working on a new album. Hurrah! It makes sense that a gardener is making pastoral music.

Below are some of the solo videos and I cannot resist putting up one song, a longtime favorite I discovered on my first trip to England many years ago. Sorry Nick. Everybody buy his records on Amazon Marketplace in the US and UK, especially the one called Tangled.

Nick Heyward Whistle Down The Wind 1984 video

I bought this single when it came out! The video is very atmospheric, no?

Nick Heyward Kite 1993 video

What a perfect song. Don't you think Nick looks like he stumbled out of a Merchant Ivory film or an episode of Mystery on PBS? He is the iconic British manchild. I am surprised he didn't become a headmaster or something...


KulPop said...

Great post, I've been checking Nick's MySpace site for a while and am excited at the possibility of him releasing a new album.


xolondon said...

I know! Sounds like he has well left his Britrock phase he was in with Apple Bed. Thank God!

Anonymous said...

TANGLED is a great 'lost' 90's lp.. never released in the US, methinks, I love it..
Saw HAIRCUT 100 on a VHS '80's bands Re-united' type show last week (repeat?). Nick looks AWESOME. Hope to hear new Nick soon!