June 13, 2007

Chatting with Rufus: The unseen bits

Rufus in Attitude. That's me in the pink.

Before I begin: Listen to NPR's recording Rufus Wainwright's FULL live concert in Manhattan on June 9. Just play the first two mins (it's Release The Stars) and you'll be wishing you could see him live. Note that at 42:30 he performs Between My Legs with his swarthy boyfriend Jorn doing the Sian Phillips part in German. Watch it!

And now, the post proper:

I believe in giving 'til it hurts. Thus, I gave the finest moments of my Rufus Wainwright interview to Instinct Magazine (read it now if you fancy). Still, there are some quotes and bits of information the fans might like to know.

Note that when you read a QandA for a magazine, it is often heavily edited. The questions you see in the mag are not really the transcript of what I actually said. His answers have been shortened a bit too, but are all his words in context. The red quotes you see below from me or Rufus are exactly what we said on the phone...

Tidbit: Rufus confirms that the picture on his messageboard of the plump male fan is indeed the boy depicted as “fat kid in the green t-shirt" in his new song Tulsa.

Tidbit: Regarding the antique store that makes an appearance in the same song, Rufus says, "I haven’t been back yet. I’m waiting and I’m going to announce my arrival 'cause they better get me a deal over there."

Here is a bit on the forthcoming Garland show CD/DVD package (out in September '07):

XO: Is there going to be a film of it?
RW: "We filmed the show at the Palladium, the London show, and the album is going to be of the Carnegie Hall (NYC) show and there’ll be one more show at the Hollywood Bowl in September."

XO: Is there a documentary happening? [note: Sam Mendes was shooting footage for last summer]

RW: "There was possibly going to be one, but that didn’t happen."

One more thing he said to me during our discussion of the actress Sian Phillips:RW: "I met Sian Phillips at a party about a year ago. I’m longtime 'I Claudius' fanatic - you must know that, since you’re a librarian and you know about 'I Claudius' "

A bit more on why there are so few club mixes of Rufus songs:RW: "If anybody wanted to try, that’d be fine. I don’t know how much my voice is really attuned to that kind of music. I tend to demand too much attention of the audience."

A funny unused bit on his current obsession with wearing lederhosen:

XO: Are you going to have your band wear lederhosen? Would you ask them to do that?
RW: No. I wouldn’t have them. Are there are Jews in my band? I think its weird for Jewish people to wear lederhosen. I want all the attention on my bussy.

During the lederhosen discussion, this is what Rufus said about the desire for youth:
RW: "We all really want to look twelve. That's the way things are – that’s the age group that’s becoming most popular on television."

Rufus shooting his new video, Rules And Regulations

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