May 7, 2007

XOvision: The London Set

The lovely James at Service AV sent out an email this week with some cool recommendations. First is the brand new video by...

Sarah Nixey The Black Hit Of Space

Something electro this way comes. La Nixey goes all Hammer House-meets-Salem in this wry take on horror film imagery set to a fresh cover of the Human League oldie. I particularly like the bits where she's hanging upside down. Because I'm wicked like that.

Cibelle London London

I had never heard of Cibelle until the Service AV email. First thing: If you've ever been curious about the exotic Devendra Banhart, this video features him in a slightly less hippie-twisted form. It's kind of sweetly kooky, but also visually cool. Stick through to the end for a bit of a twist. Do any of my London friends know recognize the locations?

Meanwhile Londonites, Sarah's live show schedule:

May 23: acoustic set at The Big Secret, Ginglik, London
July 4: headlining at The Luminaire


countpopula said...

La Nixey is excellent in a witchy way!

Phil said...

Well, you know my thoughts on Nixey. Now I'm even more baffled. I don't think the imagery goes with the track at all.

As for London locations, it's all in Hackney. My manor! There's Kingsland Rd in the open top shots, the market off Kingsland Rd, Regent's Canal in the distance from atop the building and Eddys Cafe at the end is just down the road from where I live on Mare St.

Anonymous said...

You cast your net and pull me in; you always win this game.

Sing, Memory is one of the best records of the year. Darkly glamorous vocal performance and catchy songs. I love Nixey's style.