May 18, 2007

XOvision: The heart was rejected by the host

Charlotte Gainsbourg The Operation:

Directed by the great Jean-Baptiste Mondino, this video is erotic and a little creepy just like the song, my favorite on her album. I have had an obsession with Charlotte for many years, so this video is like... porn for me. It all comes down to this: anticipation is as exhilirating as finally getting what you want. There's something to be said for that.

Tracey Thorn Raise The Roof :

What a sweet video. It reminds me of that great
New Order video for Krafty that made me so happy in 2005. A few posts down, Tracey was praising this new clip, which is a proper short film. Here is what she says: "[The director went to] Bucharest to shoot his script about internet dating - and this week the finished version of it landed here on my desk, and I am more thrilled by it than I can remember being by a video in a long, long time. I really hope you love it too, it is so beautiful, full of great detail and colour, two wonderful performances from the lead actors, funny and touching and sad. Suits the song down to the ground."

Goodbooks The Illness:

I wrote about Kent's
Goodbooks in January, when they released their single Leni, but honestly the artwork excited me more than the tune. Now they're back with a better new single, a prelude to the debut album, out in July. What's really changed is that someone screwed the bulb in and put apple-cheeked lead singer Max Cooke front and center in the video. Watch him closely. Does he have certain Simon LeBon mannerisms about him? Do you see it? Thanks Torr