May 24, 2007

XO tells M the truth

Madonna, looking purposeful on the London set of the thing she is directing, Filth And Wisdom:

Madonna relaxing on the set of the thingy, ignoring a horrible reality...

She senses a problem. Her mood quickly shifts. "Call me, XO" she is saying.

[ringy ringy ringy]

M: 'allo, XO?
XO: Esther. The shoes are beyond makeshift. Beyond fugly. The song, Hey Poo, is a full-scale assult on my elegance.
M: Wot?!
XO: Sorry luv, Kylie's on the Blackberry. Laters.

[click. dial tone.]

M: 'allo? XO? Zut alors!

M: [sob! sob! to lackeys] He doesn't like my shoes or my charitable acts!

Lackey: But M'am, poets and prophets envy you!

Madonna's mood shifts again...

M: [sob! sob!] Wot!? Have my cast killed. One. By. One.


Adem IAR said...

"that thing she is directing."

I just totally wet my pants with laughter. See, I do have a sense of humour when it comes to Madonna!

*continues to reassure himself*


Dan said...

Dear Lord, XO - this is great! Thanks for the best laugh I've had in days! I would just love to hear M say "zut! alors!"


Tricky said...

The fourth photo answers a huge question:

Look at that frizzwig She is talking to! It suddenly makes sense that her assistant is not understanding where to buy good hair conditioner. Hence: Esther is not getting the goods either.

Her next call needs to be to Kylie (once she's off the blackberry with XO) to find out the number of l'oreal.

Yuяi said...

OH.MY.LANDS! SO funny! Loved the "Call me Xo" caption! Perfect!

You need more time off in the future! This newfound freedom is bringing (sexy)back the comedy we all love!

Phil said...

The shoes, the trousers AND the hair... the jacket's s'ok. None of it H&M though.

She's so driven. Does she ever, like, sit down and just DO NOTHING.

Still brutiful though.

xolondon said...

Brutiful is BRILLIANT!

I like the jacket too. Not sure if it's practical but it is very cool. Like a shrug jacket.

She looks very hippy in the top pic.