May 7, 2007

What in the world, what in the world?

Exhibit A

Dolores O'Riordan has done tons of new promotional photos and in every. last. one. she is in desperate need of lipstick. I mean, she looks parched. She must have been rasping "wahh. terrr." between shots. This is also true of her new music video.

More (amusing) news on Downtrodden Dolly at Chartrigger. I agree avec D'luv that her song is catchy. It's possible the 90's-ishness of the song, coupled with horrifically bad lyrics, may also have something to do with its failure.

I wonder how many people would actually play one of her earlier albums now? I don't hate The Cranberries completely. I loved their songs 21, Dreams, and Pretty. Mainly the less yodel-y ones. Who knew the Katie Couric of PopRock - Katie's Dark Doppleganger - would stage a comeback 15 years later?

Exhibit B


D'luv said...

I saw The Cranberries open for Duran Duran in fall of '93 in Pittsburgh, just before they broke big with "Linger" that winter.

Personally, I still love the first two albums... the second one, with "Zombie," "Twenty One," "Ode To My Family", etc., definitely was the soundtrack to my first year away at college.

But the third album To The Faithful Departed was a little bland -- likely due to Stephen Street not producing it. I lost interest after that one. I did buy their last proper studio album...whatever it was called... back in '02. I sold it within a few months.

I like her new single, though. She's playing the House Of Blues out here in July. I'm toying with checking her show out.

countpopula said...

The first time I saw the Berries I liked them, but when they came back during the Zombie era, Dolores was quite the piece of work, refusing to pose for pics with the staff from my CD store that had paid $40,000 in radio spots to advertise their show. Then she made a radio employee go buy her a thong because she was out of underwear. Ewwww......

I'd rather spend time with Sinead O'Connor. You should check out her lovely new single, "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from the golden crusty Jesus Christ Superstar. It's on her new CD, THEOLOGY, out in June.

The Richard said...

Her stylist needs a bullet.

What is she, mid-late 30s? A kiddie or two? It shows. I'm not saying she should be a pop cupcake, but the woman needs a bra.

And a decent backdrop.

Phil said...

She looks like a right laugh.

xolondon said...

Sadly the Sinead record is, well, blech. Not my cup of tea.

Yuяi said...

"wahh. terrr." ... HI-larious! You be so witty, XO! :)

Heidi said...

Funny, I personally love The Cranberries, and think that Dolores O' Riordan has an amazing voice.

She's beautiful, and talented, I can see how some would be jealous.

And Katie Couric is incomparable.
Go hug Oprah.

Not to be rude; who are you if you don't stand up for the things that give life meaning?


azbarkingspider said...

I've always been a fan of Dolores' voice, and whether or not you like her solo work, credit needs to be given for her doing what she loves and living life. I mean, after all she could be a disgruntled blogger posting negative comments about other people's successes.

xolondon said...

I was disappointed by the album, end of story. It's just a personal opinion, which is what blogging is all about.