May 20, 2007

This will hurt a little bit.

The new Garbage single Tell Me Where It Hurts is stunning! One of their best songs ever. The creepy retro video is equally impressive.

Get ready take-no-shit bitches, political activists, bois and riot grrrls, indie writers, daydreaming pharmacists, alt gayboys in skinny jeans, RL-wearin' frat kids with a heart, Pipettes fans into polkadots, disco friends, cafe lovers, executive recruiters with hot bodies, trannies with extensions, Los Angelenos, rubberstamp freaks, archivists who rim, wasps fighting the status quo, mixed race children, bloggers, Blondie fans, bulldog lovers, aging pornstars dethroned to Minnesowtah, black boys on mopeds, obsessive gamers, plumptious women, nailpolish devotees, downtrodden bike messengers, Jamie Bamber cumsluts, pop justicers, the Welsh, Wiconsin IT professionals, transplanted Russians on the UES, lesbian mommies with twins, Eastenders, Scotsmen in kilts with no underpants, librarians dressed in Ben Sherman, FBI agents who hate Fox News, redheads whose cuffs match their collars, anyone named Cassie, Anglophiles, whiskey drinkers, pretty girls who aspire to Louboutin, lovers decamped to Kissimmee St. Cloud, anyone with a Southern accent, upside down Aussies, Londonites in capris in Soho Square, elementary school educators, girls with mod bobs, expats, Second Life geeks, music bloggers, and all... darklings:

Shirley Manson is back!

Tell me where it hurts / To hell with everybody else / All I care about is you and that's the truth / They don't love me, I can tell / But you DO / So they can go to hell.

I'll link the video as soon as I can...

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