May 29, 2007

Review: Kate Havnevik live in DC, May 9, '07

Expect a few upcoming posts that have been lingering in the drafts... here is one.

On May 9th I went to see Kate Havnevik open for Air at the 9:30 Club in DC. She performed about 7 songs, all while wearing a very large, odd, purple dress (see above!). She's classically pretty in person, like a younger Kate Bush, made for a stage where the lights hit her cheekbones just so.

Kate's vocals are just as beautiful live as on record; the whole sound was strong because she used some pre-recorded orchestral bits along with two multi-instrumentalist musicians. Unlike Me, her most widely known song, was peformed in a very different version, a capella with a pre-recorded backing of other Kates! The melody was slightly altered, but the song was still identifiable (watch it here).

It has to be said that there is something Bjorkish about Kate Havnevik, not only in her voice, but in how she sings with her eyes wide open - she almost smiles as she performs. Below was her opening number, New Day.

Kate has a video coming out shortly for Unlike Me - one of my top songs of 2006 - and you will see it on this blog. Hear more Kate at her myspace page - she is the darling of Grey's Anatomy.

Oh yes, how was Air you ask? I wouldn't know: we didn't bother to stay! I know, I know, spare me...


countpopula said...

So jealous as I was supposed to see her also and a conflict arose which I could not alter. Great exposure for her on the Air tour though!

Doron said...

She looks great in that photo. I would love to see her live one day. Melankton is really superb.